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Score : $100$ points

Problem Statement

Snuke is going to open a contest named "AtCoder $s$ Contest". Here, $s$ is a string of length $1$ or greater, where the first character is an uppercase English letter, and the second and subsequent characters are lowercase English letters.

Snuke has decided to abbreviate the name of the contest as "A$x$C". Here, $x$ is the uppercase English letter at the beginning of $s$.

Given the name of the contest, print the abbreviation of the name.


  • The length of $s$ is between $1$ and $100$, inclusive.
  • The first character in $s$ is an uppercase English letter.
  • The second and subsequent characters in $s$ are lowercase English letters.


The input is given from Standard Input in the following format:

AtCoder $s$ Contest


Print the abbreviation of the name of the contest.

Sample Input 1

AtCoder Beginner Contest

Sample Output 1


The contest in which you are participating now.

Sample Input 2

AtCoder Snuke Contest

Sample Output 2


This contest does not actually exist.

Sample Input 3

AtCoder X Contest

Sample Output 3