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Score : $100$ points

Problem Statement

Dolphin loves programming contests. Today, he will take part in a contest in AtCoder.
In this country, 24-hour clock is used. For example, $9:00$ p.m. is referred to as "$21$ o'clock".
The current time is $A$ o'clock, and a contest will begin in exactly $B$ hours. When will the contest begin? Answer in 24-hour time.


  • $0 \leq A,B \leq 23$
  • $A$ and $B$ are integers.


The input is given from Standard Input in the following format:

$A$ $B$


Print the hour of the starting time of the contest in 24-hour time.

Sample Input 1

9 12

Sample Output 1


In this input, the current time is $9$ o'clock, and $12$ hours later it will be $21$ o'clock in 24-hour time.

Sample Input 2

19 0

Sample Output 2


The contest has just started.

Sample Input 3

23 2

Sample Output 3


The contest will begin at $1$ o'clock the next day.