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Score : $100$ points

Problem Statement

Takahashi has decided to hold some number of programming contests.
Holding one contest requires one $100$-point problem, one $200$-point problem, one $300$-point problem, and one $400$-point problem.
When he has $A_1$, $A_2$, $A_3$, and $A_4$ drafts of $100$-, $200$-, $300$-, and $400$-point problems, respectively, at most how many contests can he hold?
The same draft can be used only once.


  • $1 \le A_i \le 100$ $(1 \le i \le 4)$
  • All values in input are integers.


Input is given from Standard Input in the following format:

$A_1 \hspace{7pt} A_2 \hspace{7pt} A_3 \hspace{7pt} A_4$


Print an integer representing the maximum number of contests that can be held.

Sample Input 1

5 3 7 11

Sample Output 1


By using three drafts for each slot, he can hold three contests. He has just three drafts for $200$-point problems, so he cannot hold four.

Sample Input 2

100 100 1 100

Sample Output 2


A contest cannot be held even if there is just one missing slot.