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Score : $100$ points

Problem Statement

There are three cards on the desk, each with a positive integer written on it. The integers on the cards are $A$, $B$, and $C$.

You have chosen two cards and picked them up.

Find the maximum possible sum of the integers written on the picked cards.


  • $1 \leq A,B,C \leq 100$
  • All values in input are integers.


Input is given from Standard Input in the following format:

$A$ $B$ $C$


Print the answer as an integer.

Sample Input 1

3 4 5

Sample Output 1


If you pick up two cards with $4$ and $5$, the sum of the integers will be $4+5=9$.

There is no way to pick up cards with a greater sum, so we should print $9$.

Sample Input 2

6 6 6

Sample Output 2


Whichever two cards you choose, the sum of the integers will be $12$.

Sample Input 3

99 99 98

Sample Output 3