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Score : $400$ points

Problem Statement

Given a string $t$, we will call it unbalanced if and only if the length of $t$ is at least $2$, and more than half of the letters in $t$ are the same. For example, both voodoo and melee are unbalanced, while neither noon nor a is.

You are given a string $s$ consisting of lowercase letters. Determine if there exists a (contiguous) substring of $s$ that is unbalanced. If the answer is positive, show a position where such a substring occurs in $s$.


  • $2 ≦ |s| ≦ 10^5$
  • $s$ consists of lowercase letters.

Partial Score

  • $200$ points will be awarded for passing the test set satisfying $2 ≦ N ≦ 100$.


The input is given from Standard Input in the following format:



If there exists no unbalanced substring of $s$, print -1 -1.

If there exists an unbalanced substring of $s$, let one such substring be $s_a s_{a+1} ... s_{b}$ $(1 ≦ a < b ≦ |s|)$, and print $a$ $b$. If there exists more than one such substring, any of them will be accepted.

Sample Input 1


Sample Output 1

2 5

The string $s_2 s_3 s_4 s_5$ $=$ eede is unbalanced. There are also other unbalanced substrings. For example, the output 2 6 will also be accepted.

Sample Input 2


Sample Output 2

-1 -1

The string atcoder contains no unbalanced substring.